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This collection of resources is created by and for COVID-19 survivors. This guide contains firsthand experience on what worked for us, verified by our doctors, pharmacists, nutritionalists and other science-backed experts. Put together by Hannah Wei.

Quick Links

<aside> 😷 I Have Symptoms


  1. Download the Daily Symptom Tracker
  2. Know when to get Tested for best results
  3. Practice Practical Home Care
  4. See Symptoms & Progression
  5. Get Pharmacist-endorsed OTC Medication
  6. Practice Daily Hygiene at Home

<aside> 🛌🏼 I'm Still Trying to Recover


  1. Track progress via a Daily Symptom Tracker
  2. See Recovery Best Practices
  3. Know about Lab Tests and how to interpret results
  4. Practice Breathing Exercises for lung rehab
  5. Note possible Complications
  6. Join a recovery Community

<aside> 💪🏼 I Want to Protect Myself/Others


  1. See COVID-19 Symptoms vs. Common Illnesses
  2. Follow a Nutritionalist-Endorsed Diet
  3. Use Good Hygiene Practices at Home
  4. Share this guide! 🙂

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Why Proactive Home Care

Many COVID-19 symptoms will not be severe enough to warrant a hospital bed, but it's not enough to simply wash our hands and pray for the best at home. We have an opportunity to use our collective experience to care for ourselves and loved ones at home.

I hope this guide helps you in three ways:

  1. Know important signs to look for to manage severity, and know when to seek medical attention
  2. Have tools and practices to mitigate symptoms and help the body fight off infection more effectively
  3. Contribute to lessening the strain on hospital staff by using smart home care and monitoring